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The UK’s leading drone services and training provider

Expertise and safety in every flight


We are RUAS, innovators of drone services, aerial technology operations and training.

Given the rise in popularity and effectiveness across multiple sectors, using unmanned aircraft has never been easier. However, with this newer industry, you need to be sure that you’re working alongside professionals with the very best equipment and the advanced and widely varied experience to capture the best in aerial data and imagery. With years involved at all levels of the aerospace sector, RUAS is well suited to lend their expertise and specialised approach and equipment to those whose needs require something beyond a conventional drone operation. No matter the challenges, RUAS is adept at overcoming many of the obstacles throughout the various industries where aerial footage and data can truly bring sufficient value to our clients.

A circular gif of a drone on a table in the RUAS facilities, in preparation for a survey.

We operate a fleet of aircraft suited to different industries and operations.

Set apart from thousands of other operators in the UK and backed up by our team of pilots and advanced CAA permissions, our aircraft outstrips other commercial entities to create complex and accurate datasets, striving for excellence across multiple applications.

Specialising in both multi-rotor and fixed wing aircraft, RUAS’ capability in the field is matched by our development software and methodology that ensures your data is securely processed into the quality dependable results.

A circular gif containing a drone being prepared to go airborne, for a survey run by RUAS.

Each member of our team of pilots has undergone extensive training

This makes them ideal to operate multiple kinds of unmanned aircraft in built-up areas and high pressure environments. With each individual pilot having years of experience, knowledge and skills to adapt to each task, RUAS will always find the best solution to applying our broad skillsets alongside our drone technology and software to your needs.

A circular gif containing an oil refinery and a flare stack during an oil and gas inspection run by RUAS.

We go further – We are competent in hazardous and built up environments

With all our pilots trained to fly multiple aircraft in all types of situations, you can be sure we can conduct any operation with the same attention to detail in both imagery and safety. Whether it’s in the harsh environment of offshore, or the centre of the busiest city, we’re comfortable operating in our element and taking to the sky.

A semi-circular, close-up image of an airborne drone during an inspection run by RUAS.

What makes us different?

Congested flying permissions
With advanced CAA permissions and pilot training, RUAS is able to operate in cities, work-sites and urban environments.

Approved rail flyovers
Working alongside Network Rail and other affiliated bodies, we have conducted inspections and operations around rail infrastructure for years.

Extended vision of sight
We can fly further, up to 1500 metres thanks to quality pilot experience and aircraft.

Internal operation
We can fly in internal and enclosed spaces, conducting operations where other can’t get to.

24/7 support and availabillity
With our involvement in emergency services and operations, we are always available for immediate assistance and operational needs.

Fully accredited and certified
Trained and certified to operate in a number of different industries, RUAS is the ideal choice to work to and adapt to any standards needed for an effective operation.


See us in action

You can check out just some of the work we’ve completed over the years on our social media pages or throughout the website, showing the range and wealth of experience we have at our backs that ensures we’re the right choice for you and your needs.


Industry leading training providers

As the UK’s longest running accredited course, RUAS has the experience and expertise that befits such a long-standing standard of quality in an ever-growing and adaptive industry, something that will has directly benefitted the thousands of students that have successfully trained with us in our many years of operations. At all levels of experience, our instructors and bespoke training programmes have created an effective learning environment – from the classroom to the field – for any wishing to begin their career in such an expansive industry or to grant substantial value to their current career and skillset.

A dimmed image of two RUAS trained drone pilots during an A2 CofC, preparing to send a drone airborne.

A2 CofC

ONLINE course

£79 (inc VAT)
  • Four Online modules
  • Online Theory Exam
  • Self-Declaration of Flying Practice
A darkened image of a drone in training to receive a general VLOS certificate.

General VLOS Certificate (GVC)

1.5 day course

£500 (inc VAT)
  • Online Pre-learning Modules
  • 1 Day Classroom Training
  • Written Theory Exam

A2 CofC and GVC Combined

1.5 day course

£549 (inc VAT)
  • Online Pre-learning modules
  • 1 Day Classroom Training
  • Written / Online Theory Exam

GVC Transition

ONLINE course

£350 (inc VAT)
  • 9 Online Learning Modules
  • An Online Theory Exam (invigilated remotely by a member of the RUAS Training Academy team)
  • A practical flight assessment

Over 15 years experience working with national and international brands

With great privilege we’ve been able to work with an astounding number of companies and organisations that have granted us significant experience, opportunities and insight that have leant to our ongoing professionalism that sets us apart from countless operators nationwide and even globally.

List of brands partnered with RUAS: Bangor University, Border Force, Cardiff University, BBC, British Aerospace, city, Bilfinger, UK CAA, College of Policing, Birmingham City Council, Cambridgeshire Constabulary, Counter terrorism policing.
List of brands partnered with RUAS: innospec, Lifeboats, Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue, Interserve, Lincolnshire Police, McLaren, itv, Transport for London, Metropolitan Police, Jaguar, Police of Malaysia, Ministry Of Defence.
12 brands RUAS have partnered with: Reuters, SEP Rail Services, Royal Air Force, Shell, University of Oxford, Royal Marines Commando, Sky News, Valero, Royal Navy, Warwickshire Police, South Wales Police, Special Operations Unit.
RUAS partners: Channel 4, AECOM, Army, Channel 5, Airbus Group, ASDA, abellio, Air Control Energy, Atkins, ABP, amey, Bae Systems.
Brands partnered with RUAS: Crawford, Durham University, Heddlu Gwent Police, defraud, channel 4 news, Hess, Derbyshire Constabulary, High Viz Media Group, Dorset Police, Gloucestershire Constabulary, Home office.
A list of brands RUAS have partnered with: Murphy surveys, NBC News, Press Association, nationalgrid, NetworkRail, Papaya Films, National Trust, North Wales Police, Pinkmove, Natural History, Museum, Ordnance Survey, Railscape.
RUAS list of partners: Welsh Water, West Yorkshire Police, West Mercia Police, West Midlands Police, West Midlands Fire Services.

Ready for your project to take flight?

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