Amphibious ROV – Little Geek

Little Geek is a 4WD/4WS configurable, mid-size ROV. It is an amphibian design, suitable for inspecting assets such as mid to large culverts that combine operating environments such as standing water, sand and silt. Little Geek is configurable for difficult terrane or swimming using a removable jet drive module. It can also mount other clip-on modules for various taskings

The "Little Geek" Amphibious ROV machine speeding across the rough terrain.

The Tiny Geek is a small, lightweight, quad tracked, ‘crawler’ ROV. As the second platform in our ‘Geek’ series, part of our CSSI (Confined Space Survey and Inspection) program, the Tiny Geek platform now features an 868 MHz radio link for command and Control. This gives much greater line of sight range and better penetration characteristics than standard 2.4 GHz systems.

The Amphibious ROV "Little Geek" Machine sat next to the "Geek".
The "Little Geek" Amphibious ROV machine.

Tim Harris

February 01

An airborne drone during a GVC transition training course.

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