Another Successful GVC Training Course

This week saw RUAS Training Academy deliver a General Visual Line of Sight Course (GVC) to a number of individuals across a plethora of organisations including Sky News, BBC News, a construction company and a company that offer film and media solutions.

The GVC course began with all candidates being enrolled onto RUAS Training Academy’s Learning Management System where they were able to access their Pre-Learning modules as well as the student handbook and other relevant course materials. These could be accessed at home or in the workplace providing a degree of flexibility.

GVC Theory Training

On Tuesday morning the candidates arrived at RUAS Training Academy’s new training facility ready to undertake the theoretical training as per the syllabus laid out in CAP 722B.

All candidates enjoyed their training day and digested the information very well, they all valued the interactive teaching methods, and this reflected in their exam results.

There are six people sat around a table in a RUAS teaching room with laptops, being taught by a RUAS instructor.

The exam was accessed through our Learning Management System where each individual accessed the final exam using their own devices – whether that be by Laptop, Tablet or Smart phone, the exams were invigilated by a RUAS assessor.  Candidates commented that they were impressed with this method of examination, and they liked that the results were instant.

We are very pleased to announce that all seven candidates passed their exam first time with some very impressive scores.

Practical Flight Assessment

The following day saw three individuals from Sky News and one from BBC News attend their Practical Flight Assessment, all of which opted to take their assessment using the popular DJI Mavic 2 platform.

The assessment took place at our nearby flying site in Usk, Monmouthshire. The candidates arrived at their allocated time slots fully prepared with the required kit and equipment and had all produced a comprehensive Pre-Deployment survey putting in to practice the skills they had learned on the previous days training.

GVC Training Field

Once On-Site they compiled their On-Site survey paperwork, where all significant risks were identified and mitigated to an appropriate level.

All four individuals demonstrated a good flying ability and passed their Flight Assessment with ease, with two candidates even achieving a ‘skilled’ pass, their GVC Certificates were promptly prepared and sent via email.  As all four candidates work for companies that currently hold an Operational Authorisation they are now ready to operate under the terms of their granted permissions.

GVC Flight Training

Operations Manual Preparation

The remaining candidates are now busily preparing their Operations Manual using a template that can be accessed via RUAS’ Learning Management System. Once they are happy with the content this will then be sent to an allocated RUAS instructor for review, once their Operations Manual is deemed to be of a good standard the remaining individuals will then be invited to attend their Practical Flight Assessment where we wish them the best of luck!!

Upcoming GVC Courses

If you are interested in attending one of our upcoming GVC training courses please see our website for more information, or if you currently fly a drone weighing less than 2kg, and want to fly closer to uninvolved people you may be interested in the A2 CofC course.

Liarne Fox

February 01

An airborne drone during a GVC transition training course.

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