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CAA RPAS / UAS Related documentation

The CAA have recently added a page to their website, to list all RPAS / UAS related documents and publications to assist people who Remote Pilots and UAS Operators.



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Another Successful GVC Training Course

This week saw RUAS Training Academy deliver a General Visual Line of Sight Course (GVC) to a number of individuals across a plethora of organisations including Sky News, BBC News, a construction company and a company that offer film and media solutions.

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Drone Training Mock Exams

RUAS Training Academy are pleased to have trained many candidates over the last few months since gaining our RAE status back in April 2021.  We have had the pleasure of providing training solutions for companies including Cranfield University, Railscape Ltd and Sky News to name a few.

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Drone Delivery: Amazon Air Can’t Take Off

Well it looks like Amazon is able to send their founder, Jeff Bezos, to space, but when it comes to utilising the rest of the sky, it seems that they can’t quite make the rest of the sky their own. For what has been a long-held promise of innovation from the delivery goods giant, Amazon has hoped to be a contender in drone delivery with their branch of the company, Amazon Prime Air.

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VLOS, EVLOS, BVLOS what’s the difference?

As a drone enthusiast you may have heard the terms VLOS, EVLOS and BVLOS, but you may be unsure of what these terms actually mean.

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Emergency Response: Using Drones in a Crisis

Drones are forging new pathways within many industries every day, creating safer methods of work that no longer puts people at risk in hazardous situations. Now, we see what drones can offer in the landscape of emergency response.

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