Buying a Drone for Christmas? Here’s Everything You Need to Know Beforehand

There are all kinds of great cameras out there for optimal footage in HD quality, but some of them truly stand out from the rest with an impeccable level of quality. This is a camera that gives the photographer the opportunity to capture aerial images like never before with a build and specifications that are unmatched for the results that it provides.

Drones are for Life, Not Just for Christmas!

Before you’ve barely finished finding all the needles dropped from last year’s Christmas tree, it’s almost time to do it all again. If you’re looking for a gift that’s perfect for your friends and family, regardless of age, then why not think about buying them a drone. They’ve become a must-have gadget but they also go way beyond being just a gimmick. Here’s everything you need to know about learning to fly.

Drones have become incredibly popular in recent years, there really is a drone for every budget. Not only do they look cool, learning to fly them is so much fun. Their range of features goes from the very basic, to the technological cutting edge. Once you try one, you’ll be hooked, but that’s not to say there aren’t a few things to consider before you invest in a drone.

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Drone

Drones come in all shapes and sizes; from the very cheap to the very expensive, from mini-drones that can be launched from the palm of the smallest hand, right up to those used for professional camerawork in your favourite movies and TV shows.

For the kids, mini-drones are perfect and can be used inside the house. They offer an ideal way into the art of drone flying, with many costing less than £50. They tend to be fairly basic when it comes to features, but are lightweight, easy-to-fly and robust. Because they are aimed at kids, their controls are simple, often using a smartphone as a controller. They’re also made of lightweight materials, such as polystyrene and foam, to maintain their low weight, but also so they can ‘bounce’ off your furniture without damaging the drone or your favourite vase as they learn the basics! Battery life is fairly short, but so is the recharging time, so you’ll be back flying in no time.

As you work your way up the price list, the drones will start to get more advanced in terms of features, battery life and quality. You don’t have to spend too much more money to find drones that come with cameras fitted and specialist features like obstacle avoidance, video recording and stunts. Yes, stunts! Don’t worry, they’re pre-programmed to do it at the touch of a button.

When you’ve got the bug for flying drones, or if you’re looking to buy for the older teenagers and adults in your family, you can start to look at some of the best drones on the market. If you’ve got a couple of hundred pounds to spend, then drones get really sophisticated. Everything from racing drones (yes, really!) to high-end camera drones will give them years of pleasure. You also begin to find drones that come with things like virtual reality headsets (to see what the drone sees), larger batteries (and therefore longer flight times) and ‘automatic return’ buttons. The whole world of drone flying really begins to open up to new horizons.

These high-end drones allow the pilot to capture incredible shots with onboard 4K still and video cameras to capture events from places that provide a fresh perspective, whether from hundreds of feet in the air to following moving vehicles with a steady shot. Drones at this price point at heavier and more expensive, but they offer a brilliant return on your investment. It’s something they’ll treasure for many Christmases to come.

Rules and Regulations for Drones

Whilst flying drones is an amazing experience, there are some things to think about. From the end of November 2019, in the UK, drones weighing more than 250g must be registered with the Civil Aviation Authority (at a cost of just £9 per year) and the pilot will need to pass a free online test.

A graphic of a drone and a man gifting it for Christmas.

Aerial Photography with Professional Drones

Taking pictures that look sharp and have no blur issues is very challenging when you are using a drone. This is why a high precision drone is required in order to make this process much easier. The DJI M600 Pro Drone is ideal for his purpose and this is the reason why mounting this particular high-quality camera on to this drone is a perfect marriage of aerial control and precision.

When you merge a top camera with a top drone, you can go wrong, but you also need a skilled pilot to ensure that the process goes smoothly all the way. Some projects require very detailed and specific images to be taken, and this is something that can prove to be very difficult to achieve.

A good drone pilot is going to know exactly how to position the drone and how to allow the camera to take optimal pictures of any location. This is a one of a kind service in the UK and we provide it at a cost-effective price hat is going to help you take your aerial images to a whole new level of quality.

This is perfect for any company that is looking to take clear and share images of any area that they want to inspect for any reason. The colours, the clarity and the fidelity of the images is something that is rarely seen in drone images, but by using the Phase One IQ3 with the DJI m600 Pro Drone, this process becomes much easier and the results are the kind of results that you can be proud of showcasing for any project.

A Service Worth the Investment

If you are looking for aerial footage of the highest quality and with affordable costs, you will find that we are the only reliable option in the UK. Being able to obtain maximum results from your efforts is the ticket to a successful project, and we can make that happen with incredible results that will surpass expectations.

Tim Harris

February 01

An airborne drone during a GVC transition training course.

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