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A2 Certificate of Competency (A2 CofC)

The A2 Certificate of Competency is a remote pilot competency certificate intended to assure the safe operation of unmanned aircraft close to uninvolved persons.

The certificate assures an appropriate level of knowledge of the technical and operational mitigations for ground risk (the risk of a person being struck by the unmanned aircraft) and allows flight of a C2 marked drone within the A2 Sub-category of the Open Category flying 30m away from uninvolved persons (5m in low-speed mode).

During the transitional period (until 31st December 2022) the A2 CofC will allow the RP to fly a legacy drone with a MTOM of <2kg 50m away from uninvolved persons within the A2 Subcategory of the Open Category and allow the RP to  fly a legacy drone with a MTOM <500g within the A1 Subcategory of the Open category.

The A2 CofC includes the following online modules:

  • A2 CofC Introduction
  • Meteorology
  • UAS Flight Performance
  • Operating Principles

The course will include an online theory exam that will be invigilated remotely by a member of the RUAS Training Academy team.

The RP will be required to sign a self-declaration stating they have a minimum of 2 hours flying experience.

There is no requirement to apply to the UK CAA.

RUAS Training Academy offer ongoing support and advice throughout your course and beyond.

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