Drone Roof Inspections | 3 Ways They’re Improving Roofing Inspections

For years construction personnel, handymen, and other engineers have scaled to the tops of commercial roofs for inspections, projects and planning. Never quite able to see the scale of the roof and everything on it/in it, these people also risked their lives to go out onto such treacherous pathways.

Drone Roof Inspections

For years construction personnel, handymen, and other engineers have scaled to the tops of commercial roofs for inspections, projects and planning. Never quite able to see the scale of the roof and everything on it/in it, these people also risked their lives to go out onto such treacherous pathways.

Thanks to technology today, there’s a new way to do UK roof inspections, and it’s through our aerial friend: the drone. Able to capture a bird’s eye view of the roof, as well as every last detail pertaining to the roof and even the sides of the roof, here are 3 benefits to using drones for roof inspections:

Drones Improve Safety

As we mentioned above, scaling roofs isn’t always the safest activity for everyone involved. Once you do get to the roof, as a human, you have a limited ability of what data and information you can gather. Many times, individuals put themselves in harm’s way to get the info they need.

Whether it’s complex designs, great heights, deteriorated roofs and structures, as well as hard to reach areas, using a remote-controlled drone machine will take all of the danger and worry out of the equation. Not to mention, these drones will gather a wider range of imagery and data for you to mull over when it’s all said and done!

Drones Have Vast Amounts of Storage

When it comes to roofing inspections if you’re looking to build, expand, or demolish, you better acquire the right kind of data to make the final assessment. Drones can access almost any part of the building, gathering more information than an inspector would have been able to. The drones can capture photo or video from a variety of perspectives, enabling you to compare angles so you really know what you’re working with. Plus, drones have a GPS system that makes it easy for you to fly the drone up and take the same picture or video, from the same spot, over a longer period of time.

Drones are Quicker Than People

The whole point of technology is to expedite a process that previously took us a lot of time. With UK drones, you can now cut the time spent on roofing inspections in half using your personal drone tool. Drones require no mounting and climbing or equipment access. They don’t even require a whole team be present. Just fly it up, examine the location, and rest assured that all data has been transmitted to the data team immediately using cloud technology. Complete your projects faster than ever before.

RUAS Services

Here at RUAS, we keep you up to speed on the ability, depth, and performance of UK drones. The true potential of drones is just beginning in our country, able to infiltrate and expedite every industry we know and love today. If not for safety, commercial drone roof inspections should become mandatory for productivity, accuracy and timeliness. Check out our Commercial inspections page on our website for more information and services.

The DJI z30 30x Optical Zoom Camera

This drone is equipped with the impressive Zenmuze Z30 camera. The zoom lens on this particular model is the most powerful available in the industry at this moment. This camera was designed for industrial applications and provides an outstanding level of optimal magnification for any flight recording process. This means that the drone can be flying at a very safe distance from any object while inspecting it as the level of zoom and magnification allows good definition without the drone needing to get close to dangerous structures and areas that are too vulnerable to risk collision. This camera comes with a fully integrated system and it gives users optimal accuracy to obtain the most reliable inspection results.

The proximity that is achieved with this drone and this specific camera is truly an advantage that you don’t find with most other drones, making this a unit and camera that stand out from the rest. The level of detail in the zoom process is incredibly sharp and the quality of the footage does not suffer in the process. This also helps you save money on requirements such as cranes and scaffolding that might be required to inspect certain structures high in the air.

We are talking about a photo lens that gives you a 30x optical zoom feature. This is incremented by the 6x digital zoom that provides maximum clarity and closeness. The video that is captured in any of these zoom settings is always 1080p in full HD. The camera will maintain a smooth 30 frames per second in most situations.

Every project sees the benefit of using this drone and camera. The stability of the drone during flight and the quality of the camera footage are truly exceptional. This drone is not only used for construction and development inspections, but also for safety inspections when dealing with dangerous situations such as fires etc. and for this reason, It has become such a popular drone choice in the firefighting industry and also in law enforcement. A drone this versatile has the ability to be utilised by a large number of industries and professions.

It’s also remarkable how the gimble technology used in this drone and camera setting allows for such steady footage. You won’t be seeing any shaking of blurring taking place. We are talking about a truly unique and reliable unit that far exceeds expectations. You get the highest image quality, the steadiest flight footage and the highest level of zooming without compromising the quality of the images.

Final thoughts

There are few drones that can match the level of control quality and durability that you get from the DJI M210. The flight features, weather resistance and flight time are all excellent additions that make this a serious consideration to purchase. The Zenmuse Z30 camera is an added attraction that is able to perform in truly outstanding ways thanks to the steady flight of the drone.

In our experience, this drone never fails to impress and can be utilised for all sorts of inspections and exploration. You will be purchasing a drone that provides a solid return on investment and this makes it an outstanding choice that never fails to deliver what it promises on paper.

Tim Harris

February 01

An airborne drone during a GVC transition training course.

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