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Industry leading supplier of CAA accredited drone courses

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Our experienced instructors have trained over 4,000 professional pilots

RUAS Training Academy are an industry leading supplier of drone training as an accredited RAE as issued by the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). With experienced instructors who have been delivering drone training for over 8 years as the longest standing NQE, having trained over 4000 remote pilots in gaining their Certificate of Pilot Competency.
Course locations based in Newport, South Wales, Hull and Essex. (Other training locations may be available on request).


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A2 CofC

ONLINE course

What the course consists of:

  • Four Online modules
  • Online Theory Exam
  • Self-Declaration of Flying Practice
  • Ongoing Student Support
  • No need to apply to the CAA
A darkened image of a drone in training to receive a general VLOS certificate.

General VLOS Certificate (GVC)

1.5 day course

What the course consists of:

  • Online Pre-learning Modules
  • 1 Day Classroom Training
  • Written Theory Exam
  • Practical Flight Assessment
  • Operations Manual support
  • Ongoing Student Support

A2 CofC and GVC Combined

1.5 day course

What the course consists of:

  • Online Pre-learning modules
  • 1 Day Classroom Training
  • Written / Online Theory Exam
  • Practical Flight Assessment
  • Operations Manual Support
  • Ongoing Student Support

GVC Transition

ONLINE course

What the course consists of:

  • 9 Online Learning Modules
  • An Online Theory Exam (invigilated remotely by a member of the RUAS Training Academy team)
  • A practical flight assessment
  • Operations Manual Support
  • Ongoing Student Support
Circular image of the RUAS team, with UK CAA recognised qualifications, and their drones.

UK CAA recognised qualifications

The GVC qualification allows flight of an unmanned aircraft with a MTOM of <25kg in the Specific Category under an Operational Authorisation.

The A2 CofC qualification allows flight of a C2 marked drone within the A2 Subcategory of the Open Category at a distance of 30m from uninvolved persons (5m in low-speed mode). In the transition period it allows flight of a legacy drone with a MTOM of <2kg as close as 50m from uninvolved persons. It also allows flight of a legacy drone with a MTOM of <500g within the A1 Subcategory of the Open Category.

Both the GVC and the A2 CofC qualifications are valid for 5 years.

A circular gif of an airborne drone during RUAS drone training.
Ongoing Training and Support

Ongoing bespoke training, and support options available

RUAS are on hand to offer support and guidance long after you complete your course. We are still offering assistance to customers we have trained long ago and have a great customer service reputation.

RUAS also offer bespoke training opportunities including Advanced Flight Training and Assessments, Operating Safety Case assistance, Train the trainer courses and many more based on the need and requirement of our clients.

As Chief Pilot for BBC News I have found the services provided by RUAS to be invaluable. They have delivered drone training for BBC News remote pilots for the last 7 years and have trained over 100 BBC remote Pilots. I have always found them friendly, reliable, knowledgeable and always willing to help.

John Dyson - BBC News, Chief Drone Pilot

I would say the three biggest benefits from working with RUAS are their clear desire to do a good job, their ability to be flexible relevant to our requirements and their professional approach to how they operate. The Customer first approach from the service RUAS provide means I would readily recommend them to others.

David Byers - Asda, Location Planning Manger

As one of the pilots on the Sky News Ops Manual (and being the Accountable Manager) I can’t be more happy with or feel more supported by RUAS Ltd, both throughout our PfCO training courses and as well as going forward as we operate an important aspect of our visual newsgathering operations. So far they have helped successfully train over 10 pilots at their sites around the UK. They provide valuable information and ongoing support with regards to the ever-changing rules and regulations that are associated with UAV operations in the UK and around the world. In short, our relationship plays an essential role in our ability to operate drones safely in line with CAA and UK Government regulations. Highly recommended.

Ed Bayliss - Sky News - Accountable Manager

We’ve helped these pilots get flying

RUAS Training Academy have experienced instructors that have trained thousands remote pilots across a plethora of vocations.

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