First Anniversary as Environmental Agency’s only Official Drone Emergency Response Team

Following what has been an incredibly successful and eventful year for RUAS, we are proud to see in our one-year anniversary since we officially became part of the Environmental Agency’s drone emergency response team, emerging as the only company to be affiliated in their operations with our drone technology and application.

Through our efforts, RUAS has been working alongside the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) providing on-site assistance and live footage and data for multiple operations, utilising our pilots to mobilise to anywhere within the country as DEFRA’s sole drone emergency response team.

Tim Harris setting up a drone in a field, to be utilised between confined spaces.


Most of our work has been throughout certain hazardous sectors including the oil and gas industry, railway and highway infrastructure, and now with emergency response added to our roster, we’re hoping to see prominent changes and growth throughout the ongoing exciting new challenges of what 2022 will bring.

Having adapted to the changes that came along with the coronavirus pandemic, RUAS has helped to try and bring drones to the ‘everyday’, applying our knowledge and experience to very real obstacles that can either seek to affect and disrupt our lives or actively look to improve them through a whole host of ways.

Providing a live feed at the point of operation, RUAS can provide DEFRA and Environmental Agency affiliates and services a direct view to any ongoing emergency situation, while in constant communication with the pilots on the ground. Through this real-time perception of events, it gives emergency services and agencies awareness on how best to proceed at any given moment of the operation, providing critical aerial footage that can influence vital outcomes and situations.

With RUAS being the first drone company ever to become official partners with DEFRA and its various bodies and agencies, the prime objective of our ongoing work with them is adaptability and rapid responses to deploy pilots at any given operation in the country. Even with our multiple bases of operation and a partner operator network spread across the UK however, this is no small feat, requiring highly efficient degree of logistical application.

Our pilots have also had to undergo an even greater appreciation of high-quality training that emphasizes a pilot’s ability to operate effectively, but most of all safely. Even under emergency sanctions, our teams always carry out the utmost in safe flight procedure for every operation in accordance to our permissions with Civil Aviation Authority.

Environment Survey

Above is an example of the kinds of work we have been involved over the last year, the River Severn sadly breaking its banks being one of the most recent incidents in the series of storms that have surged across the country over the last few weeks.

Here we can see how aerial footage supplied with our technology and safe application of experience can be beneficial in gathering information of the area rapidly, potentially looking for any civilians or bystanders that may be caught up in the floodwaters, or if there is further imminent danger to properties and businesses.

A man wearing an orange high vis RUAS suit at an airport, flying a drone. This shows the importance of flight restriction zones.

As DEFRA’s single source for drone operations throughout the country, we are proud to maintain a consistent and reliable service that can be a part of benefitting people and services at such critical moments in their lives.

To see more about what we do, check out our services page or get in touch with us as / 01633 746170.

Liarne Fox

March 03

An airborne drone during a GVC transition training course.

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