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Infrastructure by its very definition is always something that requires a well thought out and safe approach as well as the capability to succeed in certain high pressure environments.

From motorways to live railway, drones are helping shape the way we tackle working within and alongside infrastructure services, circumventing costs and time as well as mitigating any risks to human safety.

Completing essential inspection tasks and creating archives of in-depth quality data is always in high demand within any form of infrastructure, and using RUAS’ team of expert pilots, we are able to deliver the requirements that you need.

With our permissions and skilled pilots, our ability to fly where most cannot is certainly beneficial to helping you save costs on both time and money, as well as quick insight and data development for your project and operation that can prove vital to any development.

RUAS Drone Training Online

Environments and places we have worked:

Birmingham view across the city and university.


Bristol suspension bridge at sunset with climbers during an infrastructure drone shoot.

Clifton Suspension Bridge

A vibrant shot of the Durham City landscape and bridge during an infrastructure drone service.


A wonderful drone shot of Old town Edinburgh and Edinburgh castle in Scotland.


Manchester City aerial drone view above the building work skyline construction. The sky is blue and the sun is bright.


Panoramic landscape view of Newcastle upon Tyne.

Environment Newcastle

An aerial view of a double railway bridge in the Peak District used during infrastructure assessment.


Composite aerial image of traffic using a small roundabout with multiple connecting roads.


Aerial shot of transport landscape intersection road taken as apart of RUAS infrastructure services.


RUAS Drone Training Online


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A shot taken by a drone during a thermal inspection.

Thermal Inspections

Elevating inspections and surveys by capturing a fresh perspective

An aerial drone shot of a bridge being built over a river, with the city in the landscape. This was taken during a RUAS building survey.

Building Surveys

Save costs on both time and labour by applying our expertise to your needs

Featured Drone Services

Engineering Surveys

Capture accurate data with effective modern methods to help bring out the best in your project

Three RUAS trained drone pilots stood on an oil refinery taking aerial imagery.

Non-Destructive Testing

Providing risk-mitigated methods with a fast and effective process.

A RUAS trained drone pilot, in a power plant using a radio controlled transmitter to fly the drone. The drone will produce an orthomasics model of the power plant.


High-quality interactive data that brings your assets into the digital age

An airborne drone at a national trust park, producing photogrammetry images.


Create accurate point cloud for photogrammetry projects and assets safely in rapid time

An aerial drone shot of Birmingham City's rooftops.

Roof & Building

With aerial technology and drones so accessible today, roof and building inspection has never been easier and more efficient.

Topo Survey Drone

Topographical Surveys

With trusted methods and technology to capture and process the data that’s important to you quickly and effectively

A drone shot of a wind turbine and the landscape behind it, during a utility survey.

Utility Surveys

Our experience and capability can be exactly what’s needed to fully capture the highlights of your scope.

Visual Bridge Inspection

Visual Inspections

Take advantage of our quality aircraft and advanced permissions to capture imagery for visual inspections in any environment

River & Bridge Drone Mapping


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An airborne drone during a GVC transition training course.

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