Oil and Gas Drone Services
Reliable and effective means of asset and platform data capture, putting safety above all else.


The oil and gas industry is one where every operation is safety critical, with high expectations and pressure to maintain this approach at all stages of any task.

Now with the use of drones, many of these safety practices can be overcome or even eliminated entirely, providing quick and easy methods that remove the risk to such inspections personnel like a rope access team.

With a range of aircraft well-suited to tackle any number of operations, RUAS has been involved in working with on and offshore locations for years, having enjoyed success all over the UK and internationally.

With the ability to capture exceptional footage and imagery, RUAS is at the forefront of using unmanned aircraft technology in these environments, especially in ways that have never been seen before.

Involved with a number of clients, RUAS works to create safe practices and cultures in every scope its involved in, ensuring successful data capture through our experience of working closely with inspections teams.

Through dynamic flight plans, our experienced pilots are able to fly and adapt to these high intensity environments easily, assisting the needs of platform and site teams in effective data capture and asset management.

From live flare inspections, to LIDAR and 3D models, and even internal inspections for tanks and furnaces, you can help bring the future of these applications to this industry and the possible benefits that go with it.


Environments and places we have worked:

Atlantic Ocean

Saudi Arabia

North Sea



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Thermal Inspections

Elevating inspections and surveys by capturing a fresh perspective

aerial footage


Dynamic aerial footage that captures the perfect moment of your project

Visual Inspection

Take advantage of our quality aircraft and advanced permissions to capture imagery for visual inspections in any environment

Roofs and buildings

With aerial technology and drones so accessible today, roof and building inspection has never been easier and more efficient.

Offshore Surveys

Apply the perfect solution to an offshore survey and inspections team, creating safe working practices and massive savings for clients

Engineering Surveys

Capture accurate data with effective modern methods to help bring out the best in your project

confined space

Confined Space

Confined space areas are often considered to be the most dangerous for those involved for a great many reasons, such as exposure to asbestos and other hazardous materials, or limited areas to work in safely.

3d model

3D Models

Creating accurate 3D models that can show detailed insight into your assets


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