A circular close up shot of a drone, with a train in the back, preparing for take-off during the survey of a railway station


Rail network drone services
Flying alongside rail and network operators to utilise fresh effective methodology throughout the industry.

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With thousands of miles of track and hundreds of stations just within the UK, RUAS has enjoyed contributing its expertise to many aspects within the rail industry and its various controlling bodies throughout the entire country.

Thanks to our extensive and safe approach to each operation, we have enjoyed working closely and developing our reputation throughout the UK railway framework for years, having been one of the most consistent operators of unmanned aircraft to provide a range of services.

Working directly for both Network Rail and other railway operators, RUAS has been at the forefront of adapting new methods and technology to the industry in ways that increase safety for workers and create time and cost benefits for all those involved, applying and adapting it to the thousands of miles of railway throughout the country.

With our expert pilots trained not just to maintain safe flight practices alongside operational railway services but with an advanced approach to operating within congested spaces, RUAS has helped provide data capture opportunities ranging from standard station inspections, to orthomosaics and 3D models and even vegetation analysis.

With our permissions and choice of bespoke aircraft outstripping other competitors, RUAS is well suited to meet the needs of our clients in an industry where attention to detail and high-quality capability is a vital necessity to create safe and effective working practices.

With a background and reputation you can rely on, contact us on how we can help capture exactly what you need.

RUAS Drone Training Online

Environments and places we have worked:

A landscape view of trains going to Waterloo station at New Covent Garden Market.

Greater London

An aerial drone shot of trains leaving at Paddington railway station in London.


An aerial drone shot of London bridge station railway network, in Southwark.


An aerial drone shot of a train track, and train station in England.


RUAS Drone Training Online


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A shot taken by a drone during a thermal inspection.

Thermal Inspections

Elevating inspections and surveys by capturing a fresh perspective

An aerial drone shot of a bridge being built over a river, with the city in the landscape. This was taken during a RUAS building survey.

Building Surveys

Save costs on both time and labour by applying our expertise to your needs

A close-up shot of a drone used for confined spaces.

Confined Space

Confined space areas are often considered to be the most dangerous for those involved for a great many reasons, such as exposure to asbestos and other hazardous materials, or limited areas to work in safely.

Three RUAS trained drone pilots stood on an oil refinery taking aerial imagery.

Non-Destructive Testing

Providing risk-mitigated methods with a fast and effective process.

A drone shot of a wind turbine and the landscape behind it, during a utility survey.

Utility Surveys

Our experience and capability can be exactly what’s needed to fully capture the highlights of your scope.

An airborne drone capturing aerial footage.


Dynamic aerial footage that captures the perfect moment of your project

Visual Bridge Inspection

Visual Inspections

Take advantage of our quality aircraft and advanced permissions to capture imagery for visual inspections in any environment

Railway Drone Survey


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An airborne drone during a GVC transition training course.

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