Universities and Education Drone Services
Finding new pathways to work with the next generation of drone operators.


With previous experience working alongside students and educators alike in this capacity, our knowledge and passion here at RUAS can be utilised effectively into limitless possibilities and uses.

With our team, we can provide experience, instruction and partnering opportunities to universities and other educational bodies that wish to develop bright new ideas in this exciting industry and the ground-breaking applications that can be devised from it.

With drones and unmanned aircraft becoming more integrated with daily life and industry, education of the industry and its applications are more important than ever to the generation who will come to utilise it, but can pioneer new and exciting avenues in its uses.

From such fields and industry like agriculture and farming, to robotics and security management, there is no end to how we can be beneficial to those trying to create something new for the future.

Environments and places we have worked:






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Thermal Inspections

Elevating inspections and surveys by capturing a fresh perspective

3d model

3D Models

Creating accurate 3D models that can show detailed insight into your assets

Roofs and buildings

With aerial technology and drones so accessible today, roof and building inspection has never been easier and more efficient.

Topographical Surveys

With trusted methods and technology to capture and process the data that’s important to you quickly and effectively

aerial footage


Dynamic aerial footage that captures the perfect moment of your project

Visual Inspection

Take advantage of our quality aircraft and advanced permissions to capture imagery for visual inspections in any environment

Building Surveys

Save costs on both time and labour by applying our expertise to your needs


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