GVC Transition (Online)


The GVC Transition is specifically aimed at individuals who are already operating under the legacy PFCO, or those who have completed a certificate of pilot competency with a legacy NQE prior to December 2020 and who need to requalify under the new General VLOS Certificate to remain current and/or to apply for a new Operational Authorisation. On completion of this course you will be awarded a General VLOS Certificate.

There is a requirement that all individuals holding a legacy certificate of pilot competency to transition to the new GVC certification by 1st January 2024 in order to operate a <25kg drone in the specific category. The course includes nine online training modules followed by an online invigilated exam. There may be a requirement to sit a practical flight assessment, although this is dependent on your recent flying experience.

Any questions, please contact a member of the RUAS Training Academy team on 01633 746170 or contact@ruas.co.uk.