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3D Modelling
Creating accurate 3D models that can show detailed insight into your assets

With RUAS’ aircraft, methodology and software, we are now capable of generating high-quality 3D models that displays assets in accurate in-depth detail.

With this kind of access to data, clients can not only use the created 3D models for shared internal use to highlight and collaborate together on asset inspection, but with RUAS’ software, we can create comparative models to show areas of degradation and areas of interest.

Perfect for offshore installations, rail infrastructure, or indeed any ongoing projects and surveys, RUAS can provide the solution to help you create something that can heighten the standard of how you conduct your business and take control of your asset data.

We can deliver intricate, high quality, detailed, 3D models of a wide range of objects, surfaces, landscapes, buildings, and difficult to access areas. The output is a photo-realistic colour 3D model of the structure or site backed by a detailed ‘point cloud’ that can be imported into a professional mapping system. Tools online allow clients to view the structure from any angle, zoom in to look in high resolution detail at specific features, apply colour overlays for contours or showing vegetation or take a wide range of accurate measurements of sizes, distances, volumes of stock heaps etc.

These models are using extensively in a wide range of industries including:

  • Mining – checking the structure and stability of mines, tips, structures.
  • Industry –   providing detailed images of plant and machinery and planning changes.
  • Property Management – inspecting high rise buildings, checking the state of cladding and other features and examining roofs for damage, all for property management and insurance purposes.


The Angel of the North

Seen by many every single day, the Angel of the North is an iconic beacon just outside Newcastle, greeting visitors and passers-by alike with wide open arms. A team of our pilots visited the site and captured the famous structure, preserved digitally for all time. To find out more about how we did it, you can read our case study on the project here.

Angel of the North Point Cloud


Penshaw Monument

A striking testament to Greek architecture, the Penshaw Monument looks down from its perch on the hillside nestled in the surrounding countryside of Sunderland. Built in 1844 and gifted to the National Trust in 1939, this landmark is a powerful yet peaceful site that sees countless visitors every day. See more about how we created a 3D model of it here.

Reality Capture Model

Dunraven Bay

Coastal erosion is always a prominent concern for many beachside towns and environmental habitats. With our work at Dunraven Bay, you can see how 3D models can capture a valuable insight for such projects, paving the way for steps to be taken to better preserve the environment.

Costal Drone Survey

Our process

We have a tried and tested process that’s safe, secure and guarantees great results every time. Learn more about our process and how it can really help you.

A circular image of a drone, close-up, being prepared to participate in a thermal inspection.
Angel of the North Point Cloud


Who we’ve helped with 3D modelling

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An airborne drone during a GVC transition training course.

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