A dimmed, aerial shot of a coast-line with houses on the edge, as well as a private beach, during a thermal inspection.

Roof and Building Inspections
Save costs on both time and labour by applying our expertise to your needs

With aerial technology and drones so accessible today, roof and building inspection has never been easier and more efficient.

However, utilising this technology in highly congested and urban areas can prove to be a formidable task.

However, at RUAS, we have dedicated permissions from the Civil Aviation Authority that allow our qualified and specialised pilots to work safely and effectively within these kinds of areas, granted in no small part due to the quality of aircraft and training that we utilise.

This in turn allows us to capture imagery that other companies and pilots would be unable to replicate, using an extensive methodology and risk assessment to ensure the highest in safety standards as well as offering a range of aircraft and captures that are ideally suited to capture exactly what you need.

A RUAS van parked underneath a bridge with the sun setting behind the bridge pillar.

Our process

We have a tried and tested process that’s safe, secure and guarantees great results every time. Learn more about our process and how it can really help you.

A circular image of a drone, close-up, being prepared to participate in a thermal inspection.
An aerial shot of a drone inspecting the roofing of a warehouse, during an oil and gas inspection on a construction site, run by a RUAS trained drone pilot.

Who we’ve helped with roof inspections

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