Thermal Inspections
Elevating inspections and surveys by capturing a fresh perspective

Benefits of UAS inspection can mean saving you both time and money with effective inspection services.

Given the range of aircraft, sensors and software at our disposal, RUAS is able to conduct thermal assessments and inspections that target any areas of interest by providing comprehensive data.

Reduction or failure within electrical infrastructures can have far reaching consequences creating unnecessary downtime and long-term financial impact.

Our friendly team of pilots use thermal imaging cameras to undertake live, fixed-wire testing for panels, distribution boards and connections – avoiding the need for costly down-time.

By detecting faults and poor connections early, electrical thermal imaging can avoid costly down-time and expensive repairs.

Our surveys also include a repeatable point-inspection, analysis and comparison – providing a cost-effective solution for annual maintenance and fire risk assessments.

Our process

We have a tried and tested process that’s safe, secure and guarantees great results every time. Learn more about our process and how it can really help you.


Who we’ve helped with thermal inspections

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