A circular aerial image of a combine harvester and tractor harvesting wheat.


UAS aerial imagery and video
Professional photography and footage from a different perspective.

RUAS Drone Training Online
A circular gif containing drone imagery of a bridge running over a large river, with cities either side.


We can save you time and money with effective aerial imagery and inspection services.

Using a consultative and flexible approach, our licensed operators work with you from the first point of contact to provide a unique perspective using drones to supply photography and aerial videography services. We are able to get those high resolution still images, HD or 4K video footage that you want in a safe, cost effective and reliable way that can capture that perfect perspective that you’re after. Working from both throughout the UK and internationally, RUAS has managed to be at the forefront of the drone industry’s ever-increasing standards and results.

A circular gif containing an airborne drone with the sunset in the distance. The drone is capturing aerial imagery.


Aerial imagery capabilities to meet your requirements

Image and data collection by unmanned air systems provide excellent, if not superior outputs to traditional methods with RUAS’ services, providing a variety of aerial imaging capabilities to meet most commercial requirements with our highly experienced team and a wide range of sensor types.

Whether using industry leading software to highlight and emphasise the quality of your project, or by using processing methods to compile imagery and data, we can be the answer to capturing exactly what you’re looking for.

Applying expertise and advanced CAA permissions that enable us to conduct safe flight paths where others cannot, RUAS is the optimum choice for conducting and capturing aerial data for our clients’ needs.

RUAS Drone Training Online
A drone placed in a field, ready to go airborne, and take aerial imagery.

Crops and Fields

Three RUAS trained drone pilots stood on an oil refinery taking aerial imagery.

Solar panels

Three RUAS trained drone pilots stood on an oil refinery taking aerial imagery.


Two RUAS trained drone pilots holding drone radio transmitters with a drone set up in front of them to capture some aerial imagery.

Rail lines

Aerial Imagery

Chemical plants

An aerial drone shot of gas units. This drone is about to enter confined space.

Chimneys and buildings

An airborne drone, taking aerial images, in the middle of a park, with trees in the distance.

Environmental impact studies

UAV Operating

Planning surveys

RUAS Drone Training Online

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Our aerial imagery services

A shot taken by a drone during a thermal inspection.

Thermal Inspections

Elevating inspections and surveys by capturing a fresh perspective

Angel of the North Point Cloud

3D Models

Creating accurate 3D models that can show detailed insight into your assets

A RUAS trained drone pilot, in a power plant using a radio controlled transmitter to fly the drone. The drone will produce an orthomasics model of the power plant.


High-quality interactive data that brings your assets into the digital age

An airborne drone at a national trust park, producing photogrammetry images.


Create accurate point cloud for photogrammetry projects and assets safely in rapid time

A RUAS trained drone pilot unboxing a drone to form a spectral image during an inspection.

Spectral Imagery

Adaptive and reliable data for growing site analysis.

An airborne drone capturing aerial footage.


Dynamic aerial footage that captures the perfect moment of your project

RUAS Drone Training Online
A circular aerial drone image containing an oil refinery with two RUAS trained drone pilots stood on the helicopter pad.


Experience in many industries


Rail Network
Film & TV
Oil and Gas
Utilities & Power
Military & Defence
Universities & Education
RUAS Drone Training Online


We’ve helped the world’s largest companies

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