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Our specialist commercial drone operators are able to map with high accuracy, dependability and repeatability

Our Remotely Piloted Air System (RPAS) can be programmed to gather repeat images from the exact previous location in the sky, allowing us to revisit a site to survey progress and change data. No matter what you are looking to survey, be it land, buildings or any other structure, our commercial drone pilots are on hand to provide the remote aerial surveying assistance you need. We can collect photogrammetry data to be able to generate various outputs, such as 3D models, georeferenced, orthomosaics, dense point cloud, digital surface models (DSM) or digital elevation models (DEM) based on the data captured from our aerial survey.


An accurate solution to your aerial surveying needs

Using drones, we are able to achieve relative accuracies of less than 20mm in both the horizontal and vertical (x and y) axis, getting the data you require with nadir photogrammetry. With the addition of Ground Control Points (GCP) we can achieve accuracies of less than 10mm, and it is up to you whether you install and manage the GCPs or if our team do this for you. You can provide us the front and side overlap required along with the Ground Sampling Distance (GSD) and leave us to plan the rest. To put this into context – typical manned aircraft aerial imagery is around 12.5cm and satellite is 30-50cm resolution; this makes our flexibility and accuracy a major benefit in saving you time and money versus other conventional means.


Fully accredited and qualified

All of our Aerial Surveying is delivered by Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) accredited operators with enhanced permissions for commercial operation (PfCO) and the authority to undertake both day and night time operations using extended visual line of sight (EVLOS).

Bridges and roofs

Flare stacks and oil rigs

Rail track

Power lines and electricity pylons

Chimneys and buildings

Wind turbines


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Our aerial survey services

All of our inspection services are delivered by CAA accredited operators with enhanced Permissions for Commercial Operation (PfCO) and the authority to undertake both day and night time operations using extended visual line of site (EVLOS).

Thermal Inspections

Elevating inspections and surveys by capturing a fresh perspective

3D Modelling

Creating accurate 3D models that can show detailed insight into your assets


High-quality interactive data that brings your assets into the digital age


Create accurate point cloud for projects and assets safely in rapid time


Adaptive and reliable data for growing site analysis.


Dynamic footage that captures the perfect moment of your project


Experience in many industries

Rail Network
Film & TV
Oil and Gas
Utilities & Power
Military & Defence
Universities & Education

We’ve helped the world’s largest companies


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