An unmanned aerial precision sprayer preparing for take-off.

Unmanned Aerial Precision Sprayer “UAPS”

Unmanned Aerial Precision Sprayer “UAPS”

The UAPS is mounted on a DJI Matrice M600 airframe. The design of the machine allows herbicide to be precisely delivered to targets such as Buddleia on vertical surfaces such as walls and windows, as well as canted surfaces such as guttering and roofs. In addition to ground-based targets including invasive species such as Himalayan Balsam, Giant Hogweed and Japanese Knotweed.

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The Amphibious ROV "Wallcrawler” in action on a brick wall. Innovated by RUAS.

Surface Adherence ROV - "Wallcrawler"

Surface Adherence ROV “Wallcrawler”

Railscape is working on a number of Wallcrawler variants that use the thrust and aerodynamic effects generated by Electro Ducted Fans to overcome gravity. As the name suggests this enables the machine to not only crawl up walls but also work inverted on ceilings.

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The Amphibious ROV “Little Geek” travelling along rough terrain.

Amphibious ROV - Little Geek

Little Geek is a 4WD/4WS configurable, mid-size ROV. It is an amphibian design, suitable for inspecting assets such as mid to large culverts that combine operating environments such as standing water, sand and silt. Little Geek is configurable for difficult terrane or swimming using a removable jet drive module. It can also mount other clip-on modules for various taskings.

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A close up shot of the DJI L1 drone.

DJI L1: A Game-Changer

The DJI P1 and L1 respectively have both been long awaited additions to the ever-expanding capabilities that DJI have to offer.

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