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The "Little Geek" Amphibious ROV machine.

Amphibious ROV - Geek

We currently use a 360 camera on all our confined space inspection machines. Because 360 footage is spherical by nature it is very difficult to miss anything within range of the camera, ensuring that everything of interest to our clients is not only safely captured, but also limiting exposure and time spent in potentially hazardous environments, directly applying this benefit to our clients.

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A DJI Phantom 4 RTK drone ready to go airborne in a field for some surveying work in the UK.

Drone Surveying with DJI Phantom 4 RTK in the UK

We are stepping into the drone era and there is an undeniable need to upgrade the accuracy of these aerial vehicles. There are many uses for drones and today, we are talking about their implementation in the surveying and house building markets in the United Kingdom.

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A drone shot of an oil rig, taken during an offshore survey.

RUAS partners with DJI and Heliguy - Guide to Drone Inspections

Drone inspection is so much more than simply image-capturing. It completely eliminates the safety risks of sending personnel in harsh environments, which is a priority in any industry.”

– Tim Harris, Operations & Compliance Director, RUAS

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M300 RTK drone capturing high-resolution point loud scan shot using an LiDAR sensor of Shell's hydrocarbon gas processing plant in Bacton.

RUAS – Pioneering LiDAR sensor trial

RUAS have recently partnered with asset integrity contractor Billfinger and Heliguy to complete an industry-first trial of L1 Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) sensor drone technology at Shell UK ‘s Bacton Gas Plant. Billfinger have recently published an article relating to the L1 trial.

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A Mavic 2 and M300 drone flying in the air compliments the CAA RPAS / UAS related documentation.

CAA RPAS / UAS Related documentation

The CAA have recently added a page to their website, to list all RPAS / UAS related documents and publications to assist people who Remote Pilots and UAS Operators.



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A RUAS team member, Liarne Fox, leading the mourning of HRH Prince Philip.

Liarne Fox - Team Member Profile & HRH Prince Phillip

As part of our history within the drone industry, RUAS was the UK’s first accredited provider of remote pilot training and assessment since 2012, creating courses and learning throughout the country and beyond, and as one of our key members since its inception, Liarne has been a part of bringing these services to our students over the years.

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