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A CAA approved, RUAS trained pilot adjusting his high vis vest and setting up his drone.

Why use a CAA Approved Drone Pilot?

There is an undeniable value in the use of drones for all kinds of construction, development, mapping and surveying purposes. The main thing to remember is that this is an aircraft and it needs to be treated as such. It doesn’t matter how large or how small a drone might be, it can still cause serious damage if it hits structures, other vehicles, aircrafts or people.

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The Amphibious ROV “Little Geek” travelling along rough terrain.

Amphibious ROV - Little Geek

Little Geek is a 4WD/4WS configurable, mid-size ROV. It is an amphibian design, suitable for inspecting assets such as mid to large culverts that combine operating environments such as standing water, sand and silt. Little Geek is configurable for difficult terrane or swimming using a removable jet drive module. It can also mount other clip-on modules for various taskings.

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An airborne drone overlooking the side of a cliff and sea. A man is watching the drone and operating it using a drone radio transmitter.

Drones – Flying in the Open Category – How do the Regulations Apply to You?

There seems to be a lack of understanding at the moment concerning flying drones within the Open Category, phrases such as ‘Legacy Drone’, ‘Transitional Period’ and ‘Class Marking’ are causing some confusion. Hopefully the information below will provide more clarity.

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An airborne drone inspecting an electrical facility.

Benefits of Using Drones for Inspections

There is no question that drones are changing the way that inspections are conducted on all kinds of terrains. This has led to a major change in the way that this industry works and it has made it possible for many business ventures and projects to get optimal inspection results at affordable costs.

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A hyperrealistic render of servita beach rescue drone, used in an emergency response.

Emergency Response: Using Drones in a Crisis

Drones are forging new pathways within many industries every day, creating safer methods of work that no longer puts people at risk in hazardous situations. Now, we see what drones can offer in the landscape of emergency response.

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An airborne DJI Mavic 2 pro drone.

What is a 'Legacy Drone' and how long is the transitional period?

Current UK legislation relating to the ‘Open’ Category is based around the Class Marking of the drone you are using. There are currently no Class marked drones on the market – What does this mean to you?

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