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A drone taking off in the middle of a field with a RUAS truck in the back. This depicts the difference of VLOS, EVLOS and BVLOS.

VLOS, EVLOS, BVLOS what’s the difference?

As a drone enthusiast you may have heard the terms VLOS, EVLOS and BVLOS, but you may be unsure of what these terms actually mean.

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A close up shot of the DJI L1 drone.

DJI L1: A Game-Changer

The DJI P1 and L1 respectively have both been long awaited additions to the ever-expanding capabilities that DJI have to offer.

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A man wearing a high vis suit with the RUAS logo on it, at Southend Airport RPZ, flying a drone.

A day in the life of a Drone Pilot: Flying in Southend Airport’s RPZ

A standard part of any drone pilot’s day is to clarify the airspace you’re working in and the severity and impact that an unmanned aircraft’s presence has there and co-ordinate accordingly. Often, it might not even be much of an issue, operating safely well outside of any airfield or heliport activity.

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Circular image of the RUAS team, with UK CAA recognised qualifications, and their drones.

Airwards RUAS’ Tim Harris Global Runner-up

A huge well done to the head of RUAS – Tim Harris in achieving the Global Runner-Up for the Airwards – People’s choice award.

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Danger Danger: High Voltage – Drones and transmission towers

The UK and many other countries in the world often have huge amounts of transmissions towers criss-crossing the landscape, creating an effective network that allows its residents access to electricity and tele-communications. Given these two elements are critical to our modern-day way of life, it makes sense that the structures that facilitate nationwide access to them are maintained to the highest standard.

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New plans for drones in the defence of vulnerable women

Police have been using drones as a means to combat crime and aid those in need for many years, but now we see new plans for the use of drones in the defence of vulnerable women – that aims to be a preventative measure, as well as a practical one.

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