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A drone shot of a construction site in the UK.

5 Ways Drones are Being Used for UK Construction

Yes, drones can be used for more than cool aerial footage in social media videos today. UK drones are actually being leveraged at a rapid pace for construction work, data collection, and picture-taking, completely revolutionising the industry as we once knew it. Providing more accurate intel in a fraction of the normal time without endangering any lives, the potential for construction drones knows no limits at this time.

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An aerial view of a coded 3D model, surveyed and produced by a commercial drone.

Commercial Drone Surveys | Everything You Need to Know

For years, drone distribution companies have been using UK drones to complete inspections, construction projects, media projects, and more. Leveraging this newfound power in our world that takes to the sky and mitigates danger as well as human error in the process, drone surveying is only increasing in popularity throughout our country today.

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A drone shot of Birmingham used for operation foreverwing.

Operation Foreverwing

So the time has come where the CAA has finally recognised what responsible operators and permissions holders have been saying for years; people need to be held accountable for irresponsible, unsafe and illegal flying.

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A drone shot of a house roof during a roof inspection.

Drone Roof Inspections | 3 Ways They're Improving Roofing Inspections

For years construction personnel, handymen, and other engineers have scaled to the tops of commercial roofs for inspections, projects and planning. Never quite able to see the scale of the roof and everything on it/in it, these people also risked their lives to go out onto such treacherous pathways.

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An Amazon prime air drone in flight with a delivery. Presents the idea Amazon are failing to develop on their drone services.

Drone Delivery: Amazon Air Can’t Take Off

Well it looks like Amazon is able to send their founder, Jeff Bezos, to space, but when it comes to utilising the rest of the sky, it seems that they can’t quite make the rest of the sky their own. For what has been a long-held promise of innovation from the delivery goods giant, Amazon has hoped to be a contender in drone delivery with their branch of the company, Amazon Prime Air.

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A man stood in a car park, wearing a high vis suit with a walkie talkie in one hand, and an air horn in the other. This signals the take off of the drone during EVLOS training.

A Successful Week of EVLOS Training

RUAS Commercial Operations team have made the most of the fantastic weather to perfect their skills with their annual Extended Visual Line of Sight (EVLOS) Training.

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